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1002.4 mb as it would be seen on a station model0
The approximate density of ice0
The relative humidity when the air tempeature equals the dew point.1
The degrees per hour that the Earth rotates1
The tilt of the Earth's axis2
Amount of time it takes the moon to go through all of its phases as seen from Earth2
The temperature (fahrenheit) that water freezes3
The numbers of days in one Earth revolution3
The approximate latitude of Mt. Marcy4
The estimated age of the Earth4
The half-life of Carbon-145
The approximate height, in miles, of the mesopause5
About how many million years ago did the dinosaurs go exrinct6
The approximate temperature of the Sun6
The longitude of Syracuse, NY7
Percentage of the air that is Nitrogen7
How long a year is on Mercury8
If high tide is at 8:00 am, this is the time of the next high tide8
The altitude of Polaris to an observer at the North Pole9
A station model reads 960 as the air air pressure, this is the actual air pressure9

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