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An instrument that measures wind speedA
A clastic sedimentary rock consisting of angular fragments in varying sizesB
How heat is transferred in liquids and gasesC
A long, canoe-shaped hill made of till and shaped by an advancing glacierD
The smallest unit of geologic time. Geologic eras are divided into periods and periods are divided into theseE
A process in which water freezes in a crack in rock and the expansion wedges the rock apartF
An increase in the temperature of a planet's atmosphere caused when infrared-absorbing gases (such as carbon dioxide) are introduced into the atmosphere.G
The time required for half of the atoms in a radioactive substance to decay to a stable end productH
A large mass of igneous rock formed within the surrounding rockI
Period of abundant dinosaurs, 200 to 146 million years agoJ
It's 149,598,000 of these from the Earth to the SunK
The rigid crust that we walk onL
A long ridge of till deposited beneath, along the sides, and/or at the end of a glacierM
The process in which a star , such as the Sun, combines hydrogen to make helium to create energyN
The chemical reaction of oxygen with other substances, commonly called rustingO
The outer, lighter part of a shadowP
The metamorphic form of sandstoneQ
A zone of separation of tectonic plates at a divergent plate boundaryR
A single ice crystal falling from a cloudS
The latitude 23.5 degrees north of the equator. On June 21, the summer solstice, the sun's direct rays are hereT
The asthenosphere is sometimes referred to as thisU
The first day of springV
The entire area drained by a stream and its tributariesW
Fifth layer of the atmosphere, outer space.X (not really)
National Park in California known for its beautiful glacial valley and stunning waterfallsY
Area above the water table that is unsaturatedZ

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