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Can you name the Earth Science term that begins with each letter?

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A large body of air with similar temperature and humidity throughoutA
Largest Sediment SizeB
Mineral that fizzes with acidC
Sediment build-up at the mouth of a riverD
Occurs when celestrial objects move into another's shadowE
A device which provides evidence that the Earth rotatesF
Force responsible for all mass movementG
Sun-centered model of our Solar SystemH
Widespread organism that existed for a short period of timeI
Planets that are gas giants such as Jupiter and SaturnJ
Unit of wind speed equal to about 1.15 miles per hourK
The angular distance east or west of the Prime MeridianL
A bend in a river or streamM
Furthest planet from the SunN
Gas in the stratosphere that absorbs UV raysO
Allows water to flow through itP
Moon phase during moderate (neap) tidesQ
Heat transfer through empty spaceR
Scratched and grooves in the bedrock created by a glacierS
The daily rise and fall of ocean waters due to the gravitational pull of the moon (and to a lesser degree, the sun).T
A gap in the rock record due to weathering and erosionU
A small air pocket or cavity formed in volcanic rock during solidificationV
When the lit portion of the moon is getting largerW
Igneous rock that forms from quickly cooling lava, above Earth's surfaceX (not really)
Hot spot in Wyoming causing more geysers than anywhere else in the worldY
The area directly below the water table and above the impermeable bedrockZ

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