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Can you name the Earth Science term that begins with each letter?

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Rocks with irregular shapes that orbit the sunA
Weather Instrument that measures air pressureB
The ability of water to rise in small openingsC
The temperatute at which condensation will occurD
Large boulder deposited by a retreating glacierE
Area of sediment deposition on the sides of a river or streamF
Billions of starsG
All the water that rests on the Earth's crustH
Lines that connect areas of equal pressureI
Largest planet in the Solar SystemJ
Type of lake created by retreating glacierK
The shine of a mineralL
the third layer of the atmoshpere from the Earth's surfaceM
A large clouds of gas and dust in spaceN
The release of gases by the Earth, responsible for the Earth's early atmosphere O
The altitude of this star is equal to an observers latitude in the Northern HemisphereP
Very common mineral (SiO2)Q
Doppler Shift that proves the universe is expandingR
Caused by the tilt and the revolution of the EarthS
Large waves caused by underwater fault movementT
The darkest part of a shadow responsible for total eclipsesU
Mountain that erupts with lava and creates igneous rockV
The breakdown of rocksW
Electromagnetic Energy between Gamma and UltravioletX
Time it takes for the earth to complete one revolutionY
The point directly above an observers headZ

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