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QUIZ: Can you name the 7S!!?

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Forced Order
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She has two brothers that I have also taught!
Her mum was in the same school year as the best teacher in the world.
Another trouble maker!! Another Top Memriser!
Siempre nĂºmero uno en Memrise!!
Good at Spanish; bad at behaviour
She has the same surname as someone else in the class
She's very small and often does well at Memrise!
Worth 6 points in snooker
He's on holiday but probably done as much work as he normally does anyway...
He is the World's best teacher
Joined from Maricourt. Her auntie knows the best teacher in the world
Likes pets
He is never in
Joined from Maricourt; goes on holiday!
She always causes trouble and has a brother in year 9
Smallest in the class!! Broke record for achievement points in one week!
Squirrels might like his surname
Hands out sweets when in other rooms and gets behaviour logs
Money Bear
Top boy linguist. Sister in year 9
Has a sister in year 11. Often late to lessons!!
Her name rhymes with HeHe!
Her name is a type of wood
He holds the record for most broken trousers in a month
Complains that Memrise is decreasing his word knowledge

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