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QUIZ: Can you name the Rectors of the University of St Andrews?

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1859-1862Baronet of Wrae, Balcaskie, Fife and Braemore
1862-1865MP (Perthshire, 1852-1868; 1874-1878)
1865-1868Philosopher, author of On Liberty (1859) and Utilitarianism (1863)
1868-1871Novelist, including The Nemesis of Faith (1849) and Historian, including the History of England (1856-1870)
1872-1874Lord of Justiciary (1858-1876), Advocate Depute (1841-1845)
1874-1877Dean of Westminster (1864-1881), Regius Professor of Ecclesiastical History at Oxford (1856-1863)
1877-1880Lord Chancellor of Great Britain (1872-1874; 1880-1885)
1880-1883Poet, translator, author of the Life of the Prince Consort (1874-1880)
1884-1886Governor of Bombay (1885-1890), Under-Secretary of State for India (1894-1895)
1886-1889Prime Minister (1902-1905), Lord President of the Council (1925-1929), Foreign Secretary (1916-1919)
1889-1892Viceroy and Governor General of India (1884-1888), Governor General of Canada (1872-1878)
1892-1898Patron for the construction of Cardiff Castle and Castell Coch, among others
1898-1901MP (Hackney, 1884-1885; Hoxton, 1885-1900; Sunderland, 1906-1910), professor of Mechanism and Applied Mechanics at Cambridge
1901-1907Steel entrepeneur, philanthropist, writer of 'The Gospel of Wealth' (1889)
1907-1910MP (Maidstone, 1870-1880), writer on archaeological and evolutionary theory
1910-1913Prime Minister (1894-1895)
1913-1916Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (1886; 1905-1915), Governor General of Canada (1893-1898)
1916-1919Leader of British Expeditionary Force (1915-1918)
1919-1922Writer of Peter Pan (1904)
1922-1925Writer of The Jungle Book (1894) and Just So Stories (1902). winner of Nobel Prize in Literature (1907)
1925-1928Explorer of Greenland and the Arctic, winner of Nobel Peace Prize (1922)
1928-1931Medical missionary to Newfoundland and Labrador, founder of International Grenfell Association
1931-1934Leader of British forces in South Africa during the Second Boer War and WW1, Prime Minister of South Africa (1919-1924; 1939-1948)
1934-1937Inventor of the radio, co-winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics (1909)
1937-1938MP (Perth, 1933-1934), Chairman of the Scottish Land Court (1934-1938)
1938-1946Air Vice-Marshal, Surgeon to the King (1925-1930)
1946-1949Rugby captain of Scottish national team (1908-1910), Governor of North-west Frontier Province [Pakistan] (1947-1948)
1949-1952Gold medal winner of 400m hurdles in 1928 Olympics, MP (1931-1943), Governor of Bermuda (1943-1945)
1952-1955MP (Lonsdale, 1924-1940), trustee of the British Museum, National Gallery and Tate Gallery, Chairman of the Trustees of the National Galleries of Scotland (1952-1972)
1955-1958Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain (1954-1962), prosecutor at Nuremburg Trials (1946)
1958-1961MP (Aberdeen and Kincardine East, 1924-1950; East Aberdeenshire, 1950-1958), Chairman of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (1961-1963)
1961-1964Physical chemist, novelist, known for lecture 'The Two Cultures' (1959)
1964-1967Director of the Tate Gallery, London (1938-1964)
1967-1970Cricket player, High Commissioner from Trinidad (1961-1964)
1970-1973Member of Monty Python, writer of Fawlty Towers and A Fish Called Wanda
1973-1976Columnist, editor of Punch magazine (1978-1987)
1976-1979BBC comedy writer, Take it From Here (1948-1960)
1979-1982Member of The Goodies, panelist on I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue
1982-1985Journalist, columnist for The Observer
1985-1988Whistleblower against Hoffman-LaRoche (1973)
1988-1991Actor, television presenter of Just a Minute (1967-)
1991-1993Television presenter, including Wheel of Fortune (1988-1996) and Watchdog (2001-2009
1993-1999Queen's Counsel, chairman of Cowdenbeath F.C.
1999-2002Editor of the Sunday Times (1983-1994)
2002-2005MP (Isle of Ely, 1973-1983; Northeast Cambridgeshire, 1983-1987), panelist on Just a Minute
2005-2008Director of the World Wildlife Fund (1985-2005)
2008-2011Scottish Information Commissioner (2003-2012)
2011-2014Author, Director of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (1976-1981)
2014-presentMEP (Scotland, 1999-present)

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