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QUIZ: Can you name the Gilbert and Sullivan show based on the opening line of the given number with chorus?

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Forced Order
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Happy couples lightly treading
Tripping hither, tripping thither
Towards the empyrean heights
Carefully on tiptoe stealing
Night has spread her pall once more
Ring forth, ye bells
From the briny sea
With catlike tread
By the mystic regulation
On such eyes as maidens cherish
The soldiers of our Queen
Let the merry cymbals sound
With heart and with voice
A nice dilemma we have here
Here's a man of jollity
Death to the invader
Painted emblems of a race
Climbing over rocky mountain
With ducal pomp
List and learn
Won't it be a pretty wedding
Braid the raven hair
Comes the pretty young bride
Ah! Gallant soldier
Comes a train of little ladies
Loudly let the trumpet bray
Hark, the hour of ten is sounding
Oh, joyous boon! Oh mad delight
If you want to know who we are
Now give three cheers
Society has quite forsaken
Search throughout the panorama
Bridegroom and bride
Over the bright blue sea
Oh joy unbounded, with wealth surrounded
When the foeman bares his steel
When Britain really ruled the waves
Welcome, gentry
Quaff the nectar
Twenty love-sick maidens we

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