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Can you name the Feature Films scored by Bernard Herrmann?

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1941Orson Welles
1941William Dieterle
1942Orson Welles
1943Robert Stevenson
1945John Brahm
1946John Cromwell
1947Joseph L. Mankiewicz
1951Robert Wise
1951Nicholas Ray
1952Joseph L. Mankiewicz
1952Henry King
1953Henry Hathaway
1953Robert Webb
1953Henry King
1954Henry Hathaway
1954*Michael Curtiz
1954Philip Dunne
1955Alfred Hitchcock
1955Burt Lancaster
1956Alfred Hitchcock
1956Nunally Johnson
1956Alfred Hitchcock
1957Fred Zinnemann
1958Alfred Hitchcock
1958Raoul Walsh
1958Nathan H. Juran
1959Alfred Hitchcock
1959Philip Dunne
1959Henry Levin
1960Alfred Hitchcock
1960Jack Sher
1961Cy Endfield
1962Henry King
1962J. Lee Thompson
1963Don Chaffey
1963**Alfred Hitchcock
1964Alfred Hitchcock
1965Alex Sagal
1966Francois Truffaut
1968Francois Truffaut
1968Roy Boulting
1969Veljko Bulajic
1971Alastair Reid
1971Sidney Gilliatt
1973Brian De Palma
1974Larry Cohen
1976Brian De Palma
1976Martin Scorsese

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