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FilmsActorRoles (Respectively)
A Clockwork Orange & Barry LyndonDet. Const. Tom & Lord Ludd
The Killing & Paths of GloryNikki Arcane & Pvt. Maurice Ferol
Paths of Glory & SpartacusCol. Dax & Spartacus
The Killing & Dr. StrangeloveJohnny Clay & Brig. Gen. Jack Ripper
A Clockwork Orange & Barry LyndonMr. Alexander & Chevalier de Balibari
A Clockwork Orange & Barry LyndonPrison Chaplain & Captain Grogan
2001: A Space Odyssey & Barry LyndonDr. Andrei Smyslov & Captain John Quin
FilmsActorRoles (Respectively)
Lolita & Dr. StrangeloveClare Quilty & Dr. Strangelove/Group Capt. Lionel Mandrake/President Merkin Muffley
A Clockwork Orange & Barry LyndonMinister & Lord Hallam
Fear and Desire & Killer's KissSgt. Mac & Vincent Rapallo
A Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon, & The ShiningDad, Graham, & Delbert Grady
The Killing, Paths of Glory, & The ShiningTiny, Pvt. Pierre Arnaud, & Lloyd
2001: A Space Odyssey & A Clockwork OrangeElena & Conspirator
Barry Lyndon & Eyes Wide ShutLord Bullingdon & Red Cloak

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