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Alcoholic beverage
Frequently hunted mammal
Beginning of a friendly letter
Close by; not far
Opposite of messy
Chair or sofa
Animal known for balancing things on nose
Trade; let's make a ____
Not fake, but…
Fishing line on fishing hook
Verb as to remove a sticker; banana ____
To curiously glance at
To smell REALLY bad
You blow into it on a woodwind instrument
To go through a book
Top of the human body
A large pile
Grim _____er
To jump far and high
Unable to hear
No longer alive
Ownage of house pact
Starter of a plant
Ran away: ____ the scene
His knee ____ after he had scraped it on the pavement
French for 'blue'
Portugeuse for 'pitch'
To cook or bubble up
Group of one or more people
Fish-song sung mainly by Elvis Presley
Alternate ending in Chess from Stalemate and Checkmate
Non-cussword exclamation related to 'Dang!'
Not to your appealing: annoying, inconsiderate
From Britain
First name of the demon who reaps souls
To grasp tightly
What a leaky faucet will do
To unexpectedly fall over
Soccer term: to stop the ball in motion
Slang for feces
To hit hands together after or before a performance
Popular App. Store arcade bird
Completely level
Excess body weight or fat
A small piece of stone or material
To hit across the face
Basketball term: name given when ball is manually shot through hoop with hand
Underwater being known for containing oysters; worldwide popular dish
To try to fit way too many items in one space
A small shot of whiskey

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