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Build up of charge from electrons
Pushing away
Flow of charge
Unit of charge
Unit of current
Letter to represent current in an equation
Measure of how difficult it is for electrons to pass through a component
Unit of resistance
Another term for potential difference
Circuit with 2 or more branches
Component which lets current flow in one direction only
Acronym for light-emitting diode
Special type of resistor whose resistance deceases as the temperature increases
Current that continually reverses its direction
Machine used to produce image of change of potential difference of an electrical supply
Thin wire that melts if current gets too high in a circuit
Colour of neutral wire in a plug
Which wire is brown in a plug?
Letter to represent charge in an equation
Find neutrons and protons in this part of the atom
Another term for proton number
Same number of protons, different number of neutrons
Discovered the nucleus
Three types of radiation
Element that has same atomic number and mass number as an alpha particle
Radiation used for sterilising medical equipment
Splitting of nuclear atoms
One reaction going on to create another
Ball of hot, dense gas, on its way to becoming a star
What happens when a massive star explodes at the end of its life

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