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Distance travelled in a certain time
Unit of power
Amount of matter in an object
Push or pull that changes the way an object is moving
Distance traveled by vehicle during reaction time
Force that acts to stop or slow down two objects that are sliding against each other
A liquid or a gas
Maximum velocity of an object when forces are balanced
Unit of force
Energy stored in compressed object
Change in length of an object when a force is applied
Name of law describing above observation
Energy due to the movement of an object
Energy transferred
Gravitational field strength on Earth measured in N/kg
Used to stop or slow down a moving object such as a car
Mass of an object X gravitational field strength
Mass of an object x velocity
Change in velocity
Thinking distance plus braking distance equals
Unit of work
What can you calculate by working out the area under the gradient of a velocity-time graph?
Resistive force that slows down objects moving through the air
Unit of momentum
Single force that would have the same overall effect of all the forces combined
Work done in a given time
Unit of speed
Slope of a graph
What letter represents spring constant?
Negative acceleration

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