Biology 1 Revision

Can you name the Biology 1 Revision?

Classic Type in answers that appear in a list
All of the chemical reactions in your cells
Nutrient needed to build cells and repair tissue
Type of illness caused by lack of a particular nutrient
Microorganism that causes an infectious disease
Antibiotics cannot kill this
This colour blood cells help deal with pathogens
When a disease spreads across continents
Brain and spinal cord make up this part of nervous system
Chemical made by a gland and carried in the blood to its target organ
Body temperature in degrees Celcius
Release of egg from the ovary
Process where egg is fertilised in a glass dish
Plant shoots grow towards the light
Plant roots grow downwards
Major growth hormone of plants found in plant shoot tips
Addictive system in cigarettes
Chemical that alters the way your body or brain works
Dummy pill or treatment
Sleeping pill that caused deformities in babies in 1950s
The body or colouring of an animal that allows it to blend in with its surroundings
Substance that makes up a camel's hump
Feature of an animal's body which helps it live in its environment
Type of plant most typically found in desert
Microorganism that lives in areas with extremely high temperatures
Fight for resources
Detail of where species are found over the total area where they occur
Harmful substances that humans add to the environment
Species that survive best at a certain level of pollution
A way of showing the biomass of organisms at each link in a food chain
The ability to do work in the body to maintain life
Process by which microbes break down dead bodies or waste
Gas required for decomposition
Process by which carbon moves between the living and non-living world in a cyclic flow
Process by which plants build carbohydrates from carbon dioxide and water, using sunlight energy
Process by which living things release energy from carbohydrates
Length of DNA that codes for a characteristic or protein
Thread-like structures found in nucleus of every cell
Sperm and egg cells
Individuals that are genetically identical
First successfully cloned animal
Method of making new plants by asexual reproduction
Changing an organism's genes by inserting a gene from another organism
Sorting organisms into groups using their characteristics
Gradual change of an organism over time
Change in structure of a gene
The survival of better adapted organisms
Wrote a book called On the Origin of Species
Biologist who suggested that evolution could happen because of an inner need
Repeating your investigation three times will make your results more what?
The variable that you measure

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