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Forced Order
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The alchemist who makes philosopher's stones
Trapped in a suit of armor
Controls the Shadows
Passed down from generation to generation
The gorilla chimera
The false priest
The flame alchemist's foster mother
thinks working is a bother
The fuhrer's sin
The tiny mechanic
The believer trying to get her boyfriend back
The human philosopher stone
The man in the north with the cool automail
chimera maker
stronger than Alex/ the oldest daughter
The main characters' teacher
Pride's human name
the crazy gearhead
The dog chimera
Obsessed over daughter and wife
eats pretty much anything
The obsessive butcher
The pipsqueak
The Ishvalan in the north
The panda (and Alphonse) loving girl
Wants money, sex, women, immortality, etc.
The Hawk's eye's dog
Useless when wet...
The cow chimera
Hates State Alchemists
The main characters' mom
The sewing life alchemist's daughter
Has many faces
The snake chimera
Framed for murder
The youngest Armstrong daughter
The gearhead's dog
The girl bodyguard
The doctor who saves May and Lan Fan
Constant Smoker
Makes the perfect bombs
The ultimate spear
Homunculus leader
The toad chimera
The Xingese prince
Riza's friend from the east/ in search of a husband
The lion Chimera
The pig chimera
The male bodyguard
their teacher's husband

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