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Coors and Molson
Pinstripes and U.S.
Flat Carbon and Stainless
Saturn V and Falcon 9
Great White and Hammer Head
Ocean and Fishermen
Sandy and Katrina
Long and Prince Edward
Mary-Kate and Ashley
50 + 26
Bottlenose and Spotted
Goliath and Blunderbore
Merlin and Gandolf
Red Giant and Super Nova
Hiawatha and Pocahontas
20 + 29
Gamma and X
Clinton and Gates
Montevideo and Berlin
Cronus and Remember The...
BP and Shell
Swing and Bebop
Copperfield and Houdini
Bald and Golden
Satan and Lucifer
Daffy and Donald
Little Simba and Brother Bear
Dad and Father
Elizabeth and Charles
Mufasa and Alex
Gabriel and Raphael
Thor and Ericson
Hugsy and Pingu
Eh! and Maple Syrup
Henry and Shlomo
Boeing and Bombardier
Grizzly and Bad News
Lightning and Storm
Tigger and Hobbs
F-Type and XJ
Bieber and Drake
Walker and Texas
Tigers and Up The Bum
Keef and Wiggum
Sparrow and Hook
Bambi and Bullwinkle

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