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Can you name the Characters From Red Dwarf?

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Actor/ActressCharacterDescription/Series' Involved
Craig CharlesSlob, Main Character, Liverpudlian Series 1-9
Danny John-JulesAncestor of Lister's cat Frankenstein Series 1-9
Chris BarrieHologram of lister's ex-bunkmate Series 1-6,7,8-9
Robert Llewellyn, David RossRobot, doesn't like his middle name, funny shaped head Series 2, 3-9
Norman LovettMale version of ship's computer Series 1-2, 7, 8
Hattie HayridgeFemale version of ship's computer Series 3-5
Claire GroganLister's love interest Series 1, 2, 6
Chloe AnnettLister's love interest Series 7, 8, 9
Mac MacDonaldCaptain of Red Dwarf Series 1, 2, 8
Actor/ActressCharacterDescription/Series' Involved
Chris Barrie#3's Alta-Ego Series 4, 6, Planned for 8
Danny John-Jules#2's Alta-Ego Series 5, 6
John Lenahan, David RossWant some toast? Series 1, 4
None - Animatronic, Danny John-Jules in RD9Ship's service robots (Bob and Madge) Series Misc.
Paul BradleyLister's friend Series 1, 8
David GillespieLister's friend Series 1, 8
Mark WilliamsLister's friend Series 1, 2
Tony Slattery, Tony Hawks, Mike AgnewCrunchie bar and a milkshake please Series
Sophie Winkleman'Replacement' for Rimmer, Russia Series 9

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