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'It's A Little...'Cheers (2)
But Eddie's weird! He gives me the creeps, all he does is...'Frasier (3)
'Bite Me...'Drew Carey Show (1)
'My Name Is Cleveland Brown And I...'The Cleveland Show (4)
'Name?' 'Bean' 'First Name?...'Mr Bean (1, and a hesitation )
'Just Because I Dont Care Doesn't...'The Simpsons (4)
'Bite My Shiny...'Futurama (2)
'No Kitty It's...'South Park (3)
'I Have A Present For You, Here's A Clue; It's In My Diaper And...'Family Guy (4)
'The Truth Is Like Sunlight. People Used To...'King Of The Hill (5)
'I Love It When A...'The A-Team (3)
'There Is A 5th Dimension Beyond Which...'The Twilight Zone (4)
'To Boldly Go Where...'Star Trek (5)
'Guys, I Can Explain! I Was...'American Dad (3)
'I'm Sorry Gromit, it's Just That...'Wallace And Gromit (4)
'In The Future My Son Will Lead Mankind In A War Against Skynet, A Computer System Programmed...'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (4)
'What Happens To These People In Their Last Moments...'Ghost Whisperer (3)
'Knight Rider, A Shadowy Flight Into The Dangerous World Of A Man...'Knight Rider (4)
'Colin Mochrie, That's Your New Name:...'Whose Line Is It Anyway? (2)
'Rimmer You're A...'Red Dwarf (2)

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