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Can you name the Dates Visited By 'The Doc', 'Marty', 'Jennifer', 'Einstein' & 'Clara' In The Back To The Future Movs?

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Plot Outline/Who TravelledDateMovie(s)
As a test, Doc sends Einey how many minutes into the future?Part 1/Einstein The Dog
Before they can do anything else, Doc explains the DeLorean to Marty and uses which 2 dates as an example (name one)?Part 1/Noone, Examples
After Doc is shot by Libyans, Marty escapes by going to...?Part 1/Marty McFly
He goes Back To The Future how long later?Part 1/Marty McFly
And when he does so it is what date?Part 1/Marty McFly
At the end of Part 1/beginning of Part 2, Doc comes back and takes Jennifer and Marty to when?Part 2/Doc Brown, Marty & Jennifer
While they are there, they meet Biff who steals the time machine and an almanac and takes it to what year?Part 2/Biff
He then returns it to what year?Part 2/Biff
Plot Outline/Who TravelledDateMovie(s)
Then the group all go back to what date?Part 2/Doc, Marty, Jennifer & Einstein
In a newly created alternate reality, George McFly died on which date?Part 2/Noone, Event Occured
To fix the present, they must go to what date to fix it?Part 2/Doc, Marty
But before Doc can pick up Marty, the DeLorean is struck by lightning and sent to what year?Part 2&3/The Doc
Marty follows him to that year but first he goes to see the Doc of what year? (Hint it was after Marty went back to the present in BttF1)Part 3/Marty (with the help of Doc)
So now The Doc and Marty are in that year and stay there for most of the movie, but at the end there is an epic conclusion, and all end up going where?Part 3/Doc, Marty & Clara Clayton
And then...Type 'The End' or 'Nothing'

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