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Where does Bond meet Honey Rider?Dr No
What happens to Quarrel when he and Bond go to the island?Dr No
Who is rumoured to have an appearance at the train station in this film?From Russia With Love
What is Goldfinger's first name?Goldfinger
Who is Goldfinger's mute Chauffer?Goldfinger
What mode of transport does Bond use to escape in the opening sequence?Thunderball
Who was 'killed' at the beginning of this film?You Only Live Twice
Who played Blofeld this time around?You Only Live Twice
This is the only bond movie to have Bond...?On Her Majesty's Secret Serivce
But doesn't go well because...?On Her Majesty's Secret Serivce
Who Sang the Song to This movie?Diamonds Are Forever
Name another film Yaphet Kotto (the main villain) has been in.Live And Let Die
Who played The Man With The Golden Gun?The Man With The Golden Gun
Who kills a shark at the end of the movie?The Spy Who Loved Me
What is the last line in this film (said by Bond)?The Spy Who Loved Me
At the end of this movie, it said which movie would be made next?The Spy Who Loved Me
This was made to cash in with the success of what movie?Moonraker
Which famous Bond villian returned in this movie?Moonraker
This was the only Bond film to not feature which character?For Your Eyes Only
This was the last time we saw who?For Your Eyes Only
Who plays M in this movie?Octopussy
Who plays Max Zorin?A View To A Kill
What was Ian Flemming's working title for this book/movie?The Living Daylights
This was which actor's last Bond film?Licence To Kill
Who played 00 Agent Alec Trevelyan?Goldeneye
What was the original title for this film?Tomorrow Never Dies
How long did the boat chase take to shoot (pre-credits sequence)?The World Is Not Enough
Who plays the fencing instructor?Die Another Day
What was different about the gun barrel sequence?Casino Royale (Craig Version)
Regarding running time,is this film: A)97 Minutes B)102 Minutes C)106 Minutes D)114 MinutesQuantum Of Solace
Who was the main bond girl in Dr No, who was also in this film (actress)?Casino Royale (Niven Version)
What Bond film is this a version of?Never Say Never Again
Who played James Bond Jr?James Bond Jr.
What novel will bond 23 be based off?Bond 23
How many more films is Daniel Craig signed on to do?Unfilmitised
Which 3 Books Haven't Been Made into Films? Name One:Unfilmitised
Which 3 Books Haven't Been Made into Films? Name One:Unfilmitised
Which 3 Books Haven't Been Made into Films? Name One:Unfilmitised
Which video Game is considered the best bond game?Video Game
Which is considered the 2nd best(generally)?Video Game
What film(s) is the newest game based off?Video Game
How many Bond Games have there been?Video Game
In From Russia With Love (VG), who are the villains instead of Blofeld? (Name One)Video Game
Also in From Russia With Love (VG), they couldn't use 'SPECTRE' what was the replacement title?Video Game
Who was the first person to play 'James Bond' on the radio or on TV/movies?Radio Bond
The answer to the first half of Q38 starred in a South African adaption of which movie?Radio Bond
Who played 007 from 1962-1968?1st Bond
1969-1970?2nd Bond
1971-1972?3rd Bond
1973-1986?4th Bond
1987-1994?5th Bond
1995-2005?6th Bond
2006-____?7th Bond
Which actor 'came out of retirement' for one last mission in 1983?Unnoficial Bond
Who played james bond in the unnoficial Casino Royale?Unnoficial Bond
The first appearance on TV/Film was 'Jimmy Bond', a member of the CIA. But which TV series did he appear in?Unnoficial Bond
Which was the first book?Book
Which book was published by Sebastian Faulks to commemorate Ian Flemmings 100th Birthday?Book
Which book starts with 'James Bond, with two double bourbons inside him'Book
Which movie is Quentin Tarantino's favourite?Famous Fans
Which Bond movie is Roger Moore's favourite?Famous Fans
Which Bond movie is Roger Moore's least favourite?Famous Fans
Timothy Dalton has three favourite Bond films, name one...Famous Fans
Connery's favourite Bond film is...?Famous Fans
Lazenby's favourite Bond film is...?Famous Fans
Brosnan has two favourite Bond films, name oneFamous Fans
Brosnan's least favourite Bond film is...?Famous Fans
During production of which film did Connery break his wrist?Behind The Scenes
What did Connery do with his large sum of money that he was paid for Diamonds Are Forever?Behind The Scenes
Which Bond film did Moore intend to be his last?Behind The Scenes
Which Bond was the last to smoke a cigarette?Behind The Scenes
Brosnan has a scar on the right side above his top lip, in which Bond film did he get it?Behind The Scenes
What was the first movie, and Bond movie that Pierce Brosnan ever saw?Behind The Scenes
Who was the lightest Bond?Too Heavy
Who was the heaviest Bond?Too Heavy
As much as i thought, Bond films didn't take a 6 year break because Dalton was rubbish, but because of...?Legal Crap
How many pages was Lazenby's contract?Legal Crap
Which Bond movie was Brosnan given his salary, AND a BMW Z3?'I'll Take The Car...'
Which Bond movie was Brosnan given his salary, AND a BMW Z8?'I'll Take The Car...'
Who was the oldest actor to play Bond in their FIRST appearance?Bond Age
Who was the youngest actor to play Bond in their FIRST appearance?Bond Age
Who was the oldest actor to play Bond in their FINAL appearance (including unnoficial films)?Bond Age
Who was the youngest actor to play Bond in their FINAL appearance?Bond Age
Who was the only actor(s) to be born AFTER the series beganBond Age
How many official films hasn't Moneypenny been in?Characters
Apart from the two latest movies, which is the only movie not to have Q in it in some shape, way or form?Characters
How many films Desmond Llewelyn been in as Q?Characters
But there were two where he was played by other actors, name one (actor)Characters
How many different actors have played Felix Leiter in official Bond films?Characters
Frasier Crane (Cheers, Frasier) his brother and his father sing which Bond theme in one episode of 'Frasier'Referenced In...
Craig Ferguson (The Late Late Show, Drew Carey Show) is critically acclaimed for doing an impression of which Bond?Referenced In...
Which Bond film is the best rated on IMDB?IMDB Rated
Which Bond film is the worst rated on IMDB?IMDB Rated
What was the rating of the best film (rounded to the nearest whole number)?IMDB Rated
What was the rating of the worst film (rounded to the nearest whole number)?IMDB Rated
How many Bond films are in the top 250 on IMDB?IMDB Rated
Which was the worst unnoficial film?IMDB Rated
What was the rating? (whole number)IMDB Rated
Who's MY favourite Bond?Me, Me, Me, Me, Me!
What's one of MY Favourite Bond Films?Me, Me, Me, Me, Me!

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