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Can you name the characters from the movie 'Four Rooms'?

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Tim RothAll Segments
Jennifer BealsThe Man From Hollywood
Quentin TarantinoThe Man From Hollywood
Bruce Willis The Man From Hollywood (uncredited)
Paul CalderonThe Man From Hollywood
David ProvalThe Misbehavers (Archive Vootage) (Voice)
Antonio BanderasThe Misbehavers
Tamlyn TomitaThe Misbehavers
Danny VerduzcoThe Misbehavers
Lana MckissackThe Misbehavers
Patriccia VonneThe Misbehavers
Salma HayekThe Misbehavers
Kimberly BlairThe Misbehavers
Jennifer BealsThe Wrong Man
David ProvalThe Wrong Man
Lawrence BenderThe Wrong Man
Paul SkempThe Wrong Man
Ione SkyThe Missing Ingredient
MadonnaThe Missing Ingredient
Amanda De CadenetThe Missing Ingredient
Lili TaylorThe Missing Ingredient
Valeria GolinoThe Missing Ingredient
Alicia WittThe Missing Ingredient
Sammi DavisThe Missing Ingredient
Marc LawrencePrologue/Epilogue
Kathy GriffinPrologue/Epilogue
Marisa TomeiPrologue/Epilogue
Unruly Julie McCleanPrologue/Epilogue
Laura RushPrologue/Epilogue

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