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Can you name the characters who appeared in more than one rocky film?

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Actor(s)/Actress(es)CharacterRocky Films
Sylvester StalloneAll VI Rocky Films/Title Character
Burt YoungAll VI Rocky Films/Rocky's Brother-In-Law
Tony BurtonAll VI Rocky Films/Antagonist Of I & II's Trainer
Talia ShireRocky I-V/Rocky's Love Interest And Wife
Seargeoh Stallone/Ian Fried/Rocky Krakoff/Sage Stallone/Milo VentimigliaRocky II-V, Balboa/Rocky's Son
Carl WeathersRocky I-IV/Antagonist of I & II, Protagonist in III & IV
Burgess MeredithRocky I-III & V/Rocky's Trainer
Jodi Letizia/Geraldine HughesRocky I, V & Balboa/The Person Rocky Tells Not To Act Like A ****
Lavelle Roby/Sylvia MealsRocky I, II, & IV/Antagonist of I &II's Wife
Stu NahanRocky I, V & Balboa/Commentates On The Fights
Lou FillipoRocky II, IV & V/Judges The Fights
Actor(s)/Actress(es)CharacterRocky Films
Al SilvaniRocky I-III/A Cut Man
Don ShermanRocky III, V & Balboa/Unknown
Paul MicaleKnown Movie's: Rocky II, V & Balboa/Rocky's Favourite Reverend
Two Terrapin'sKnown Movies: Rocky I & Balboa At Least/Rocky's Terrapins
Butkus StalloneRocky I & II/Rocky's Dog
Joe SpinellRocky I & II/Rocky Used To Work For Him, But When He In II He Gave Paulie A Job Working For Him
Pedro LovellRocky I & Balboa/The First Person We See Rocky Fight
Jane Marla RobbinsRocky II & V/Unknown
Mr. TRocky III & IV (Replay)/Antagonist of III
Dolph LundgreenRocky IV & V (Replay)/Antagonist of IV
Antonio TarverRocky Balboa/Rocky's Opponent In His Comeback Match

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