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Can you name the changes that happened to the characters of 'the drew Carey Show' over the course of the show?

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Main focus of the show,mariage count: 6. One marriage to an english guy, one to a woman in Vegas, one to his best friend, one to a woman with a weight problem, one to some other giDrew Carey (1995-2004)
Mostly comic relief, worked many jobs, complete idiot, nearly married Christa Miller, started out as a DJ, then a Mailman, and finally worked at Neverendingstore.comDiedrich Bader (1995-2004)
Dated hundreds of men throughout the show, married Drew, and finally left in season 8 to marry some guy in 'Nam (i may be istaken on the country).Christa Miller (1995-2002)
Drew's arch-enemy, sometimes threw him overboard, ended up being simpatico with him. Had a kid with John Carroll Lynch called 'King Augustus Antonio Carey.Kathy Kinney (1995-2004)
Underrated englishman, Drew's boss for most of the series, also one of his spouse's. Constantly tossed aside and mostly comedic relief.Craig Ferguson (1996-2004)
Drew's childhood friend, housewife, then got divorced, was a stripper, then met Drew again, worked at the warsaw, and had 'Drew Jr' with Drew in the finale.Cynthia Watros (2002-2004)
Drew's brother,used to be a crossdresser,but apparently that dramatic/comedic possible oscar-winning storyline sucked. He also had a kid called 'King Augustus Antonio Carey' with KJohn Carroll Lynch (1997-2004)
Underrated janitor, used mostly for comic relief. He's adopted and a genius apparently.With Ryan Stiles As... (1995-2004)
He's doing the old lady-boss, but ends up with Kathy Kinney, how does she cope?Guest Starring: Ian Gomez (1995-2004)
She's comedic relief, and the owner of Winfred-Lauder for a good half of the show.Nan Martin (1995-1999)
She goes fat, then thin, leaves Drew. Rinse and repeat.Kate Walsh (1997-2002)
He's Drew's boss in the last 2 seasons and Jonathan Mangum (2002-2004)
The security guard, the only real change you get out of him is that he ends up being Drew's neighbour.Kelly Perine (1995-2000)
Drew isn't aloud to date her but does anyway, it doesn't last, but he got a dog out of it.Katy Selverstone (1995-1996)
Comic relief, he's the guy that Drew asks for advice, he doesn't give the avice, but they're good scenes.Bill Cobbs (2002-2004)
An old highschool friend of 'the gang' who dates Christa Miller for season 1.Robert Torti (1995-2001)
She loses her husband in the final season, and before that she's just what she is, no character development.Marion Ross (1997-2004)
He's pretty much comic relief until he falls of Drew's roof and dies in a pink jumpsuit in the final season.Stanley Anderson (1995-2004)

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