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Can you name the characters that have appeared on Person of Interest?

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The Man in the Suit
The Good Honest Cop (DECEASED)
The Dirty Reformed Cop
The Fixer
Crime Boss of New York
The #2 to the Crime Boss (DECEASED)
Reformed Computer Hacker
Catwoman (MIA)
Glasses Old Business Partner (DECEASED)
True Love of Glasses
Lost Love of Man in the Suit (DECEASED)
Govt Contact of Glasses Business Partner (DECEASED)
FBI Agent Hunting Man in the Suit (DECEASED)
The Face of HR (DECEASED)
The Man in Suit's old CIA handler (DECEASED)
Man in the Suit's old CIA partner (DECEASED)
Son of Glasses Old Business Partner
Northern Lights 2nd in Command (DECEASED)
Govt Operative, Trained Catwoman (DECEASED)
His number comes up multiple times in season 2
Love Interest for Honest Cop, Killed by HR (DECEASED)
Head of Decima Technologies
Leader of Vigilance (DECEASED)
HR rookie assigned to Honest Cop (DECEASED)
HR cop, shot by Honest Cop (DECEASED)
Cop shot by HR Boss (DECEASED)
Old Crime Mafia Boss (DECEASED)
Bought the Machine for $1 for US Govt (DECEASED)
Head of US Govt Relevant #'s Program
Built Samaritan, Friend of Glasses
Glasses 1st Partner Before Man in Suit (DECEASED)
Senator courted by Decima
Male Decima/Samaritan Operative
Stole piece of The Machine code on laptop
Blonde Female Samaritan Assassin
Leader of the Brotherhood
The #2 to the Leader of the Brotherhood
Teen Samaritan recruit via Nautilus game
Man in the Suit's Therapist
Relevant #'s Operative, Trained by Catwoman
The Good A.I.
The Bad A.I.
Greer's Business Company
Anti-Surveillance Organization
Dominic's Gang
Corrupt Cops Organization
US Govt Codename for The Machine/Relevant #'s Program
Boker/Belgian Malinois

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