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Can you name the trivia from Avatar: The Last Airbender?

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AThe Last Airbender's name.
BThe original earthbenders.
CFirst seen in Omashu, this unfortunate salesman has had his cart destroyed many times by Team Avatar and their enemies.
DThe secret police of Ba Sing Se.
EThe play 'The Boy in the Iceberg' was acted out by this professional acting troupe.
FKing Bumi's pet gorilla goat.
GAang's mentor and friend from the air temple.
HAlso known as the Black and White spirit, this spirit was the protector of the Senlin Forest.
IThis man is Zuko's uncle, loves tea, and is a member of the Order of the White Lotus.
JLeader of the Freedom Fighters.
KOne of the most ancient spirits, this monster will steal your face if you show any hint of emotion.
LThis enormous creature has existed since the beginning of time and revealed to the Avatar the power to bend the energy within oneself.
MToph created this type of bending.
NOwned by June, this Shirshu can track anyone in the world.
OThe Fire Lord; Prince Zuko's father.
PHe teaches Sokka how to wield a sword. He is also in the Order of the White Lotus.
QThis cunning war minister is the overseer of the Fire Nation military's technology
RThe Fire Nation-born avatar preceding Aang.
SThe leader of the Kyoshi warriors and Sokka's girlfriend.
TThis circus girl has 5 identical sisters and is good friends with Azula and Mai.
ULurking in the bay of Kyoshi Island, this giant carnivorous eel is capable of spewing out large jets of water.
VToph 'sees' with her feet by feeling these in the ground.
WThis ancient, wise, and powerful being collects information for his Spirit Library.
XThis earthbender was the host of the underground earthbending tournament. Later he was hired to find Toph after she ran away.
YAfter Tui, the moon spirit, was killed during a siege, this princess sacrificed her life to become the new moon spirit.
ZFire Nation captain at the beginning of the series, but admiral by the end (of his career).

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