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In cards, what physical feature does the king of hearts lack that the other three kings have?
You would literally have a 'heart of gold' if what mythical king touched your heart?
Hanks and Loggia play 'Heart and Soul' on an enormous piano in what 1988 film?
'If I Only Had A Heart' is sung by what character in a 1939 movie musical?
The original Purple Heart was established by which U.S. president?
According to The Beatles, who led a 'lonely hearts club band?'
Which famous director/actor does both in 'Heartbreak Ridge?'
Who sang 'My Heart Will Go On,' the theme from 'Titanic?'
Which Heart song is also the name of a vicious fish?
Which king was also known as the Lionheart?
Who recorded 'Heartbreak Hotel' in 1956?
What British/Polish author wrote 'Heart of Darkness?'
It is said that the way to a man's heart is through his what?
In 'The Legend of Zelda,' what do the small hearts represent?
'The Tell-Tale Heart' is a short story written by what dark poet?
Which Disney villain sends the huntsman to obtain Snow White's heart?
In what show would you find J.D. and Turk working at Sacred Heart Hospital?
What type of animal, that SpongeBob enjoys 'fishing' for, does not have a heart?
Whose triple platinum album, 'Heart of Stone,' features the song 'If I Could Turn Back Time?'
'Heart of the Swarm' (focusing on the Zerg race) is an expansion on which real-time strategy game?

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