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Can you name the words that contain consecutive letters of the alphabet?

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Letters can be in the word in any order.
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ABC (4)eg. Sebastian of 'The Little Mermaid'
BCD (5)Raised number to the third power
CDE (4)Used to roll snake eyes
DEF (4)Unable to hear
EFG (5)Deep sorrow
FGH (5)Violent confrontation
GHI (4)Of great vertical extent
HIJ (5)War against unbelievers (Islam)
IJK (6)Illegally seize vehicle
JKL (6)Type of wild dog (resembles wolf)
KLM (4)Cows produce this
LMN (5)Citrus Fruit
MNO (5)Lesser in importance
NOP (5)Lying on one's stomach
OPQ (6)Not able to be seen through
PQR (7)A story that takes place before another story
QRS (6)Four sided regular polygon
RST (4)Put in order
STU (4)To close
TUV (5)Where valuables might be stored
VW (4)Sight, vista
WX (3)'___ on, ___ off' - Mr. Miyagi
XY (4)Type of wild cat
YZ (4)Comfortable, snug

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