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Can you name the seemingly unrelated answers and make a scientific discovery of your own?

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Part 1
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DNA's shape is a double this 
Where bearded ladies work 
Jumbo shrimp or open secret, eg. 
James' nickname of Monsters, Inc. 
Baseball player Ty 
Actor Cage's full first name 
Capital of Denmark 
Carvey chopped this veggie on SNL 
Important attribute for a mime 
Stallone's one-man army 
Part 2
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Referee of a baseball game 
What you roast marshmallows over 
First book of the Bible 
Electronic talking toy from late 90's 
Understudy in basketball 
Seaweed or healthy snack 
Four letter programming language 
Bomb zone or quiz layout 
Decision made by jury 
Eddie Murphy animated character 

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