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What is the name of Emily's 'big red dog'?
This Red Hot Chili Peppers song is also a TV show starring David Duchovny.
You can watch the Red Sox play in Fenway Park in this city.
The Red Square in Moscow separates Kitai-gorod from what fortified complex?
According to its slogan, what does Red Bull give you?
Erik the Red was the father of what Norse explorer?
Redbox and Netflix probably had something to do with this company's bankruptcy in 2010.
'The Thin Red Line' focused on the conflict at Guadalcanal during which war?
The Queen of Hearts and the Red Queen were both created by this man.
Who wrote 'The Red Badge of Courage'?
What three dot colors other than red are featured in Twister?
Which reindeer has a red nose?
'Red Dragon' is a prequel to 'Hannibal,' starring what actor as the title role?
Kurtwood Smith plays Red, Topher Grace's father in what sitcom?
What movie character was given the choice between a red or blue pill?
What fish follows red in an idiom meaning misleading?
Who parted the Red Sea, leading the Israelites to freedom?
Which video game character wears a red hat and shirt with blue overalls?
What French-named musical features the lyric, 'red, the blood of angry men'?
Redshirts tend to die on what sci-fi show?

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