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The Pokemon comic book outsells any other comic book.
Mr. Mime can be female.
Fire-type monsters can be burned.
Even though Jessie and James seem so old, they are actually only 17 years old.
In Red/Blue/Yellow Lickitung cannot learn Lick.
PokeMon is a Japanese word meaning 'Little Demons.'
When Poliwag evolves into Poliwhirl, its swirl changes direction.
When Pikachus meet, they interlock their tails.
Originally, Ash was to discover that Professor Oak was his biological father, but it was taken out for being too scandalous.
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In Red/Blue Pikachu cannot learn Thunderbolt except through a TM.
No Butterfree has ever been seen using an attack in the Anime, despite showing up multiple times.
After Pokemon was released, sales of Nintendo's GameBoy system jumped 249%.
In Red/Blue, Weedle and Golem have the same cry.
Vulpix's evolution is spelled 'Ninetales.'
Every Elite 4 member in R/B/Y has two of the same Pokemon.
Jigglypuff was the only Pokemon of the first 151 to be left out of the PokeRap.
Ash and Ash's mother are voiced by the same person (in the Television series).

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