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Can you name the Films from the number of clues per title word?

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One Word Titles
Two Word Titles
Dancing Queen 
Future Murder 
Strange Rabbit 
Napalm Smells 
Andy's Dolls 
Many Dinosaurs 
Lightsaber Battles 
Dodging Bullets 
Frau Bl├╝cher [horses whinny] 
Spanish Faun 
Three Word Titles
Eats Buffalo Heart 
Iraq Bomb Squad 
Droogs and Beethoven 
Slay the Jabberwocky 
Rain in Spain 
Racist Football Team 
Fifth of November 
Buckle Your Seatbelts 
Too Many Eggs 
Lovers and Robbers 
Four Word Titles
Code Red Court Case 
Don't Give a Damn 
Enchanted Objects Can Sing 
Stuttering Con Artist Fails 
Kung Fu Masters Fight 
James Bond's Second Adventure 
House Lands on Witch 
Marlon Brando Yells 'Stella!' 
Shower Curtain Ring Salesman 
Sandy Claws Gets Kidnapped 
Five Word Titles
Modern Satire of Homer's 'Odyssey' 
Teenagers Enjoy Mall and Sex 
Gargoyles Befriend a Deformed Bellringer 
There's No Crying in Baseball 
Broken Chandelier sells at Auction 
Political Corruption Won't Stop Jefferson 
He Has Friends for Dinner 
Woman Marries Outside Her Religion 
Archaeologist Cracks Whip at Nazis 
Crystal Must Kill Devito's Mother 
Six Word Titles
Aliens Land and Play Cool Music 
Naive Boy Lives Near Concentration Camp 
The Very First Year at Hogwarts 
Journalist and Lawyer Travel to Nevada 
Weird then Delicious then Dangerous Weather 
Poor Boy Given Giant Successful Business 
They Grew in Different Directions (Age-wise) 
After the Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe 
Patient vs. Nurse in Psych Ward 
Family Sees Conspiracy and Must Flee 

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