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Can you name the next 5 words sung by these characters in Sweeney Todd?

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I have sailed 
the world,  
beheld its 
wonders. From 
the Dardanelles 
I too have sailed 
the world and seen 
its wonders. For the 
cruelty of men is as 
wondrous as Peru, but... 
There was a barber 
and his wife, and 
she was beautiful. 
A foolish barber and 
his wife. She was... 
Mrs. Lovett
Do forgive me if me 
head's a little vague -- 
What is that? But you 
think we had the plague, 
from the way that people 
 Mrs. Lovett 
And I'm telling you 
them pussycats is 
quick. No denying 
times is hard, sir. 
Even harder than... 
    Mrs. Lovett   
There was a barber 
and his wife, and 
he was beautiful. 
A proper artist 
with a knife, but... 
These are my 
friends. See how 
they glisten. See 
this one shine. How 
he smiles in the light. 
Green finch 
linnet bird, 
I feel you, 
Johanna, I 
feel you. I was 
half convinced 
I'd waken... 
Was it quick, sir? 
Did it in a tick, sir. 
Just like an elixir 
ought to do! How 
'bout a bottle, mister? 
Beadle Bamford
Excuse me, my lord. 
May I request, my lord. 
Permission, my lord, 
to speak? Forgive 
me, my lord... 
Pretty women, 
Sipping Coffee, 
Pretty women. 
  Mrs. Lovett  
Bus'ness needs 
a lift. Debts to 
be erased... 
Think of it as 
thrift... as a gift... 
Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett
Anything that's lean. 
Well, then 
if you're 
and loyal... 
 Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett 
We'll not discriminate 
great from small. 
No, we'll serve 
anyone, meaning 
He never forgets 
and he never forgives. 
Perhaps today 
you gave a nod, to 
Sweeney Todd, the... 

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