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You are the dancing queen, young 
and sweet, only seventeen 
Dancing queen, feel the beat 
from the tambourine. You can 
dance, you can jive, having... 
Living easy, living 
free Season ticket 
on a one-way ride 
Asking nothing, 
leave me be 
Ace of Base
I saw the sign and it 
opened up my eyes, I saw 
the sign. No one's gonna 
drag you up to get into the 
light where you belong. 
Bryan Adams
You can't tell me 
it's not worth 
dyin' for. You 
know it's true: 
Everything I do, 
There's a fire 
starting in my 
heart. Reaching 
a fever pitch, 
Sing with me, sing for the 
year. Sing for the laughter 
and sing for the tear. Sing 
with me, It's just for 
today. Maybe tomorrow the... 
All American Rejects
I'll keep you my 
dirty little secret 
(Dirty little 
secret) Don't 
tell anyone or... 
Louis Armstrong
I see trees of 
green, red roses 
too. I see them 
bloom, for me and you. 
And I think to... 
Lily Allen
At first when I see you cry, 
yeah it makes me smile, 
yeah it makes my smile. At 
worst I feel bad for a while, 
but then I just smile, 
Christina Aguilera
If you wanna be with 
me, Baby there's a 
price to pay. I'm 
a genie in a bottle. 
You gotta... 
The Animals
Well, there is a house 
in New Orleans they call 
the Rising Sun. And 
it's been the ruin of 
many a poor boy. And... 
Arctic Monkeys
Ever thought of calling 
when you've had a few? 
'Cause I always do. Maybe 
I'm too busy being yours 
to fall for somebody new. 
Rick Astley
Never gonna 
give you up. 
Never gonna let 
you down. Never 
I'm a Barbie girl, in the 
Barbie world. Life in 
plastic, it's fantastic! 
You can brush my hair, 
undress me everywhere. 
What if I'm far from 
home? Oh, brother I 
will hear you call. 
What if I lose it 
all? Oh, sister... 
Maybe I'm a 
different breed. 
Maybe I'm not 
So blame... 

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