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Stark house sigil: [Rung 1][Rung 38]1
Swamp or bog2
Lake or pond3
Daryl's brother (Walking Dead)+ 4 +
Chrono Trigger princess5
Bran's condition after defenestration- 6 -
Serenity captain- 7 -
Lass or maiden8
Final Fantasy currency9
Legend of Zelda protagonist+ 11 +
Don't do this near Weeping Angels+ 12 +
Edge, or Disney Channel movie13
Catan resource14
Gym leader of type [Rung 16]15
Gym leader [Rung 15]'s favorite type- 16 -
The Walking Dead leader17
Board game of world domination18
What zombies do from the grave19
9th Doctor's first companion20
Homonym of Samwise's girl21
Amy Pond's husband22
She 'just keeps swimming'23
Dwarf of The Hobbit24
Dwarf of The Hobbit25
Dwarf of The Hobbit- 26 -
Possess or hold27
Hedwig or Pigwidgeon28
Miyazaki character with moving castle+ 29 +
Torchwood anagram: Doctor ____- 30 -
'MMO' upside down?31
Popular MMORPG, abbr.& 32 &
Sorrow or grief33
Star Wars' Teddy Bear species+ 34 +
Became aware& 35 &
Put on, as in clothes36
Klingon Lt. of NCC-1701-D37
Stark house sigil: [Rung 1][Rung 38]38

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