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Can you name the 30 'Must-See' Dramas (according to ''501 Must-See Movies'') by the first sentence of each review?

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First SentenceFilmYear
[Title Character] (Welles) utters the word 'Rosebud' with his dying breath...1941
Charting one man's desperate battle with alcoholism, [Title] is probably the most honest and pragmatic study of this often misinterpreted and misunderstood disease ever produced.1945
In this now much lauded movie, Frank Capra explores the value and virtue of an 'ordinary' life of decency and integrity to the wider society of which it is a part.1946
A slice of life in poverty-stricken, post-war Rome, [Title] is a simple tale that offers far more than its linear structure and uncomplicated characterizations suggest.1948
A rollercoaster ride through the glitzy world of 1950s American theatre, this classic film with its record-breaking haul of Oscars was always destined to remain a favourite.1950
Still regarded as the greatest film ever made on the subject of Hollywood, [Title] charts the ill-fated meeting of faded star Norma and screenwriter on the make, Joe.1950
Sacked from his job at a big newspaper, reporter Chuck Tatum (Douglas) resorts to taking a job on a small New Mexican paper.1951
Loosely based on the real-life experiences of director Elia Kazan, [Title] was essentially a justification for his actions in the 1950s to cleanse America of its communist elements1954
Our first encounter with Jim Stark (Dean) is as he lies in the gutter, drunk.1955
Twelve jury members are sent out to deliberate over the verdict of a murder trial.1957
When his fear of heights starts to impinge on his effectiveness as a police officer, John Ferguson (Stewart) is compelled to leave the force.1958
Set in the American deep south in the 1930s, when racial intolerance was still the norm, [Title] is the adaptation of Harper Lee's outstanding novel of the same name.1962
When the premise of a film is a girl bringing her fiancé home to meet her parents, it doesn't sound like much of a story.1967
With songs galore throughout the entire film, we are thrown headfirst into America's country music capital, whilst witnessing the machinations of the presidential candidate.1975
When petty criminal R.P. McMurphy (Nicholson) opts for a stint in a psychiatric hospital over a prison sentence, he believes he's getting off lightly.1975
First SentenceFilmYear
When local boxer [Title Character] gets a once in a lifetime stab at the heavyweight championship, it's almost a given that he'll lose.1976
Martin Scorsese's finest hour came about thanks to the real-life boxer Jake LaMotta (De Niro).1980
Some people will do just about anything to get their fifteen minutes of fame and Rupert Pupkin (De Niro) is one of them.1983
If you want to see the best example of an actor who is absolutely convincing and practically born to play a certain role, watch John Malkovich in [Title].1988
When Charlie Babbit's (Cruise) father dies, he is left with more than he bargained for.1988
Sal's Pizzeria has been trading for twenty years and now represents one of just a couple of white businesses in a black area.1989
Estate agents are often at the receiving end of ranting tirades about time wasting, money-grabbing and superficiality.1992
[Title Character] (Hanks) is a bit slow, the conventional and anti-hero going nowhere and destined to melt into life's background.1994
When Andy Dufresne's wife and her lover are found murderered, having been shot in bed, her husband (Robbins) is the prime suspect.1994
When a film begins with the voice-over of a middle-aged man telling us that in a year from now he'll be dead, we know we are in for something different.1999
Two narcotics cops intercept a huge drug delivery on the borders of Mexico, only to have the haul and glory taken from them by a General Salazar.2000
In the early 1980's the GDR, East Germany's brutal communist government, oversees a police state rife with secret cameras, bugs, informants and misery.2006
Raimunda (Cruz) travels from Madrid to the peculiar village of Alcanfor in order to tend the grave of her mother Irene and visit Paula (Cobo), the beloved Aunt who raised her.2006
Robbie (McAvoy), a servant's son, begins a relationship with Cecilia (Knightley).2007
In post World War II Germany, teenager Michael (Kross) begins a secretive affair with Hanna (Winslet), a woman twice his age.2008

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