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Can you name the missing movie title words given the parts of speech and directors?

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____ Poets Society [Weir] 
____ Girls [Waters] 
Crouching Tiger ____ Dragon [Lee] 
____ Attraction [Lyne] 
____ People [Redford] 
The ____ Man [Ford] 
____ Times [Chaplin] 
Lars and the ____ Girl [Gillespie] 
____ Lies [Cameron] 
____ Strawberries [Bergman] 
Stop! or My Mom Will ___ [Spottiswoode] 
The Empire ___ Back [Kershner] 
____ Lola ____ [Tykwer] 
To ____ a Mockingbird [Mulligan] 
Alice Doesn't ___ Here Anymore [Scorsese] 
Some ___ It Hot [Wilder] 
White Men Can't ____ [Shelton] 
It ____ One Night [Capra] 
____ By Me [Reiner] 
Mr. Smith ___ to Washington [Capra] 
___ Without a Cause [Ray] 
The Shawshank ____ [Darabont] 
Reservoir ____ [Tarantino] 
Sleeping with the ___ [Ruben] 
The Usual ____ [Singer] 
Finian's ____ [Coppola] 
____ of God [Meirelles] 
____ on a Train [Hitchcock] 
Pan's ____ [del Toro] 
Touch of ____ [Welles] 
All ___ Eve [Mankiewicz] 
Once ___ a Time in the West [Leone] 
___ the Law [Davis] 
From Russia ___ Love [Young] 
A River Runs ___ It [Redford] 
Mad Max ___ Thunderdome [Miller] 
The Day ___ Tomorrow [Emmerich] 
North ___ Northwest [Hitchcock] 
___ the Hedge [Johnson] 
___ the Wild [Penn] 
___ Quiet on the Western Front [Milestone] 
___ to the Future [Zemeckis] 
Spirited ___ [Miyazaki] 
___ Seeking Susan [Seidelman] 
Apocalypse ___ [Coppola] 
Shrek ___ After [Mitchell] 
What Lies ___ [Zemeckis] 
___ Married [Levy] 
The World is ___ Enough [Apted] 
Die ___ with a Vengeance [McTiernan] 
Every ___ Way But Loose [Fargo] 
Yours, Mine and ___ [Shavelson] 
___ Says I Love You [Allen] 
___ Women Want [Meyers] 
___ Live [Carpenter] 
___ Are Marshall [McG] 
Me, ___ & Irene [Farrelly] 
How to Train ___ Dragon [DeBlois] 
There's ___ About Mary [Farrely] 
The Men ___ Stare at Goats [Heslov] 

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