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Can you name the Movie Characters that would dominate the Hunger Games?

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Sylvester StalloneHas much experience killing people while hiding in the woods
Willem DafoeHas experience in the jungles of Vietnam; mentally and physically tough
Russell CroweHas experience in a similar situation to the Hunger Games; skilled with many close combat weapons
Jim CarreyOne with nature; excellent with animals; detective-like wits
Saoirse RonanGrew up living in the wilderness being trained to become an assassin by her father
Uma ThurmanSkilled Assassin; mastery level swordsmanship
Macaulay CulkinExpert trap maker (with any materials)
Christian BaleSkilled at hand-to-hand combat; expert with random devices/gadgets
Viggo MortensenMastery level swordsmanship; Minimal fear; used to traveling long distances (likely with little water)
Frances McDormandDetective-like wits; can stand freezing temperatures; experience around gruesome deaths
Brad PittHas been in many brawls; semi-crazy; will have no problem stabbing friends in the back
Kurt RussellCan escape any situation (the Game Makers better watch out); physically tough; all arround badass
Errol FlynnHas much experience living and being in forests; highly skilled in swordsmanship and archery
Johnny WeissmullerRaised by apes; very proficient at tree climbing and vine swinging; high speed, agility, and senses
Cary ElwesHighly skilled swordsman; great wrestler; immune to certain poisons

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