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Can you name the Disney words and terms that begin with 'C'?

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Hint'C' Term
He takes Belle on a tour of the castle
He is Peter Pan's nemesis
This hunting dog doesn't think dogs and foxes can be friends
These birds can't believe an elephant could fly
Rapunzel plays hide and seek with Pascal, this type of animal
She loses a glass slipper on a staircase
Aladdin goes in here to get the magic lamp
What Pocahontas paints with
Jafar turns himself into this type of animal
Sebastian is this type of animal
This mysterious character has a big smile and can disappear
Don't let this woman near your dalmatians
Hint'C' Term
This 'Lion King' opening is partly in Swahili
Grandmother Fa gives this to Mulan for luck
Hades sent this one-eyed creature after Hercules
This man wants to sell Tarzan's family to a zoo
Gepetto's house is full of music boxes, puppets, and these
You should never smile at one of these; Peter Pan knows
'Lady and the Tramp' starts and ends on this holiday
This gypsy puppeteer tells the story of the Hunchback of Notre Dame
This puppy befriends a fox
This little guy is the son of Mrs. Potts
Mushu repeatedly calls Mulan's horse this other type of animal
Dumbo's place of employment

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