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setting of Ocean's Eleven and Rounders
1/7th of a week
these are a girls best friend
opposite of live
preceds Zhivago and Jekyll
as much as required
facial difference between you and a cyclops
season of the leaves
how long vampires live (unless staked)
all that glitters is not this
Colt or Walter PPK, eg.
slang: to do well; literally: to end a life
skimming the net on a tennis serve
hunting or driver's, eg.
opposite of die
all you need is this
where we first went in 1969
never say this, meaning anything can happen
'no' in Spanish
Squidward or Inky the Beanie Baby
____ Leap on TV or ____ Physics at school
one who piles up leaves
largest country in area
diaries and CIA files are 'top' this
what Chicken Little thinks is falling
comfort, consolation
Garner in Alias or Donovan in Burn Notice
electric type move Pikachu can learn
two days after yesterday
fool me this many times, shame on me
morning talk show or what one sees out a window
80 days? I could go around this in 2

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