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Can you name the 50 movies that end in 'E'?

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Don't you ever tell Kevin Bacon he can't dance.1984
You'll finally know what 'Rosebud' is.1941
Best Picture winner about a girl who will
stop at nothing for fame.
Young, death-obsessed boy meets lively old woman.1971
Garbage-compacting robot loves 'Hello, Dolly!'2008
Indian boy recounts life while answering
questions on a game show.
A classic fairy tale, with swordplay, giants, an evil prince, a beautiful princess, and yes, some kissing.1987
Woman seduces young man,
but he'd rather be with her daughter.
Angel shows man what life would have
been like if he never existed.
Double agent 006 double-crosses 007.1995
Golfer gets beat up by Bob Barker.1996
Beethoven has never sounded so disturbing.1971
Scottish Pixar film.2012
Bond is formed between prison guards
and inmates on death row.
Paltrow acts like a man and pleases the Academy.1998
Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan,
and the Empire State Building.
Pig herds sheep.1995
Pesci and Stern pick the wrong house to rob.1990
Four teenage boys enter a pact to lose their virginity by prom night. 1999
Bullock adopts future NFL player.2009
Rat can cook.2007
Penniless writer and courtesan fall in love
in 1900's Paris.
Tautou finds love in Paris.2001
Snipes defends world as a half-vampire.1998
Girl is maniac on the floor.1983
Boy loses horse, enlists in army to find him.2011
Two women drive off a cliff.1991
Eastwood protects president against Malkovich.1993
Man in love with one woman accidentally
marries a dead one.
First of 12 (animated) movies following
dinosaurs' adventures.
Ryder says his name three times.1988
The Disney version of [King] Arthur's story.1963
Spielberg's film is nominated for 11 Oscars...
wins none.
'Two' obsessed magicians hate each other.2006
One-armed man kills woman,
but the husband gets arrested.
Nice girl likes bad boy. Bad boy likes bad girls.
Girl conforms. Everyone sings.
VW road trip to the beauty pageant.2006
Cruise is a spy.
Orphan girl sings about a better tomorrow.1982
Boy sees dead people.1999
Day-Lewis, Dench, Cotillard, Cruz,
Hudson, Fergie, and Loren sing.
Don't get serious with Roberts unless
you own some track shoes.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is a pilot.1980
They have no stinkin' badges,
and they don't need 'em.
They rob banks.1967
Lesser Hoffman wins Oscar.2005
Pattinson fights boggarts and dragons
in the Triwizard Tournament.
Nolte and Penn in the conflict at Guadalcanal
during the second World War.
Davis and Crawford are loving sisters.1962
Man dresses as woman to spend
time with his children.

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