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Forced Order
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What film won best picture of 2010?
Who directed jurassic park and E.T.?
Across the Universe contains the music of which group?
Robot from 2001: A Space Odyssey?
'Handbook for the Recently Deceased' is a novel in what movie?
Name a 'Reservoir Dog color' other than orange or blue
What is the most beautiful thing Ricky [American Beauty] says he has filmed?
The Deer Hunter takes place during which war?
What sport does 'The Dude' partake in?
Which character from the Breakfast Club chooses to go to detention?
Who sang the theme songs for Goldfinger and Diamonds are Forever?
What did the RDA Corporation plan to mine on Pandora?
What is the name of Rick's nightclub/gambling den in Casablanca?
What is the name of Morpheus' ship in the Matrix?
What play does Knox audition for in Dead Poets Society?
What does Eisenheim make grow absurdly fast in The Illusionist?
What does Edward discover about the ringmaster Amos (Danny DeVito) in Big Fish?
In which room of their mansion do Cecilia Tallis and Robbie Turner have a secret affair in Atonement?
What flower does V leave with his victims [in V for Vendetta]?
What is the horse's name in Beauty and the Beast?
What country does Blood Diamond take place in?
What object does Juno's phone resemble?
What does Mulan climb to the top of a pole to retrieve?
What euphemism for a violent extrajudicial punishment does Joanne Galloway suspect was being carried out in A Few Good Men?
Which character from Wolverine is a large indestructible mass (he boxes with wolverine)?
Quote: 'La-di-da, la-di-da, la la.' Movie?
King Arthur suggests that coconuts could migrate by being carried by what type of bird?
What does Keira Knightley tell her kidnappers her name is in Curse of the Black Pearl?
What card game does Andie play with Ben's family in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days?
In Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, what are the kids asked to steal from the factory?
Which tribe does Dances With Wolves become a part of?
What does Alice need to slay in Alice in Wonderland (2010)?
What type of animal is hunted in the thrilling 1932 film The Most Dangerous Game?
In Driving Miss Daisy, Daisy goes to a dinner to hear who speak?
Which (uncredited) actor plays Julia Robert's actor boyfriend in Notting Hill?
Which Von Trapp child does Maria forget about in her prayer?
What two things crash in The Fugitive and US Marshalls respectively to let a prisoner escape?
The Firm, A Time to Kill, and Runaway Jury are films adapted from whose novels?
In the silent film The General (1926) with Buster Keaton, who or what is the 'General?'
What Disney movie has won the most oscars? (may or may not be animated)

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