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QUIZ: Can you name the actor that was NOT in each film?

Quiz Updated Sep 5, 2012

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Almost Famous
•A. Finney
•A. Paquin
•B. Crudup
•K. Hudson
Batman Begins
•C. Bale
•L. Neeson
•G. Oldman
•M. Gyllenhaal
A Beautiful Mind
•R. Crowe
•A. Hopkins
•J. Connelly
•C. Plummer
Big Fish
•J. Depp
•D. DeVito
•M. Cotillard
•E. McGregor
•R. Gere
•P. Cruz
•Q. Latifah
•R. Zellweger
The Departed
•J. Voight
•V. Farmiga
•J. Nicholson
•M. Wahlberg
•V. Davis
•M. Smith
•A. Adams
•M. Streep
In Bruges
•C. Farrell
•M. Damon
•R. Fiennes
•B. Gleeson
Kung Fu Panda
•L. Liu
•A. Jolie
•J. Chan
•U. Thurman
Little Miss Sunshine
•A. Arkin
•T. Leoni
•A. Breslin
•G. Kinnear
Mamma Mia!
•C. Firth
•H. Grant
•P. Brosnan
•A. Seyfried
Meet the Parents
•B. Stiller
•O. Wilson
•R. De Niro
•B. Streisand
•C. Moss
•G. Pearce
•J. Pantoliano
•V. Mortensen
Mystic River
•S. Penn
•K. Bacon
•T. Robbins
•S. Jackson
The Notebook
•G. Rush
•R. Gosling
•Ja. Garner
•R. McAdams
Ocean's Eleven
•B. Pitt
•B. Mac
•B. Murray
•J. Roberts
Shrek 2
•C. Diaz
•J. Andrews
•D. Hoffman
•A. Banderas
Sin City
•J. Alba
•C. Owen
•M. Rourke
•S. Buscemi
•K. Dunst
•W. Dafoe
•J. Franco
•D. Cheadle
Tropic Thunder
•N. Nolte
•T. Cruise
•M. Sheen
•R. Downey Jr.

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