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A man whose pursuit of his love leads him across and through the sea, plains, forests, swamps, and nearly to death and back.
A successful Maine banker who is wrongfully imprisoned for murdering his wife and her lover in the 1940s.
The son of a biblical historian, he spends his life studying 'fact; not truth,' which leads him on many adventures.
A courageous, yet reckless, NYC police officer who was fond of Westerns as a boy, especially the works of Roy Rogers.
An accomplished and revered Roman soldier who swears vengeance after his wife and son are murdered.
A man who, along with his twin brother, answers a call from God to destroy that which is evil so that which is good may flourish.
A sheriff turned saloon/casino owner is forced to take up the badge once again to protect an Arizona town from a group of Cowboys.
A passionate man, a patron of the arts, and a man of great political conviction follows in the footsteps of his hero: Edmond Dantes.
A fabulously wealthy man with a gifted scientific mind spends his life trying to understand the criminal mind and save his city.
A south Philly bum who seizes his opportunity for glory and riches through sheer grit and by enlisting the help of the ornery old man.

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