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He attended Julliard and Harvard business school, travelled extensively, lived through the black plague and saw the Exorcist 117 times.
Having been both rich and poor, he proclaimed that there is no nobility in poverty.
A mentally unstable Vietnam vet famously speaks to himself in a mirror.
A rags to riches story; at the height of his power he was earning $1M a day as a heroin dealer and a Harlem crime boss.
A Cuban immigrant turned drug king pin.
A former special forces operative is arrested for robbing the Federal Reserve Depository and forced to make a deal.
A thief, a cheat, a liar, and a drunk, but not an altogether unpleasant fellow avoiding capture with an odd, yet somehow wise attitude.
An assault on his father triggers a downward moral spiral for this Ivy Leaguer and WWII hero, which coincides with his rise power.
The older of two brothers born into poverty, his brutish and ruthless ways pave the way for his brother's salvation.
A skilled thief who was dramatically talking to an empty telephone because there was 'a dead man on the other end of this ****' line.'

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