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Can you name the Top 50 films (According To Imbd)

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Morgan Freeman1994
Marlon Brando 1972
Al Pacino1974
John Travolta1994
Clint Eastwood1966
Christian Bale2008
Henry Fonda1957
Liam Neeson1993
Elijah Wood2003
Brad Pitt1999
Mark Hamill1980
Elijah Wood2001
Jack Nicholson 1975
Robert De Niro1990
ToshirĂ´ Mifune1954
Leonardo DiCaprio2010
Mark Hamill1977
Tom Hanks1994
Keanu Reeves1999
Elijah Wood2002
Alexandre Rodrigues 2002
Henry Fonda1968
Anthony Hopkins1991
Morgan Freeman1995
Humphrey Bogart 1942
Kevin Spacey1995
Harrison Ford1981
James Stewart1954
James Stewart1946
Anthony Perkins1960
Jean Reno1994
William Holden1950
Edward Norton 1998
Guy Pearce2000
Arnold Schwarzenegger 1991
Martin Sheen1979
Tom Hanks1998
Charles Chaplin1931
Peter Sellers1964
Sigourney Weaver1979
Daveigh Chase2001
Charles Chaplin1936
Cary Grant1959
Robert Benigini1997
Michael J. Fox1985
Adrien Brody2002
George Clooney2013
Orson Welles1941
Jack Nicholson 1980
Peter Lorre1931

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