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Renée Zellweger2000
Sissy Spacek1985
Jim Carrey2003
William Hurt1981
Matt Damon2009
Kevin Costner1991
Keanu Reeves1996
Jessica Tandy1989
Harry Connick, Jr2011
Tom Hanks1990
Christopher Reeve1987
Tom Cruise2005
Robert Redford1980
Casey Affleck2007
Gene Hackman2000
Jason Momoa2011
Not available2011
Not available 2009
Robin Wright 1996
Robert Redford2005
Josh Hartnett2006
Billy Bob Thornton 2003
Thomas Jane2003
Matthew Broderick1989
Greg Kinnear2007
Ashley Judd2002
Michael Keaton 1988
Stephen Dorff1992
Mike Myers2008
Owen Wilson2004
Rod Steiger1954 (Uncredited)
Clint Eastwood1992
Christian Bale2008
Dustin Hoffman1995
Gerald Butler2013
Ashley Judd1997
Christopher Walken2009
Charles Berling2005
Bruce Willis2010
Beverly Todd1989
Mickey Rourke 1989
Edward Asner1997
Christian Slater1998
Fernando Henrique Cardoso2011
Michael Douglas2013
Steve Carell 2007
Paz Vega2006
Clint Eastwood2004
Brad Pitt1995
Antonio Banderas2009
Ben Affleck2002
Tim Robbins1994
Doris Day1968 (Uncredited)
James McAvoy2008
Nick Nolte1984
Emilio Estevez1985
Robert Duvall1998
Jack Nicholson2007
Christian Bale2012
Jet Li2005
Joe Conason2004
Anthony Hopkins1997
Monica Potter2001
Virginia Madsen2012
John Cusack2006
Christian Bale2005
Paul Newman1984
Not Available2003
Sammy Davis Jr.1966 (Uncredited)
Jesse Eisenberg2013
LL Cool J2006

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