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Role CategoryRoleRole Description
Mafia DeceptionChoose a dying target to disguise yourself as.
Town SupportChoose two people to transport at night.
Town InvestigativeCheck one person each night for suspicious activity.
Neutral BenignPut on a bulletproof vest at night, protecting yourself from attacks.
Neutral EvilControl someone each night.
Neutral EvilTrick the Town into voting against you.
Town SupportYou may revive a dead town member.
Mafia SupportDistract someone each night.
Town InvestigativeListen in on the Mafia at night, and hear whispers.
Mafia KillingKill someone each night.
Neutral KillingTransform into a Werewolf during the Full Moon.
Town ProtectiveChoose to take justice into your own hands and shoot someone.
Mafia SupportCheck one person for their exact role each night.
Town KillingYou may choose one person during the day to jail for the night.
Town ProtectiveDecide if you will go on alert and kill anyone who visits you.
Role CategoryRoleRole Description
Town InvestigativeWatch one person at night to see who visits them.
Town SupportSpeak with all dead people at night.
Town ProtectiveProtect one person from death each night.
Mafia KillingCarry out the Godfather's orders.
Mafia DeceptionChoose one person to frame each night.
Town InvestigativeInvestigate one person each night for a clue to their role.
Mafia DeceptionChoose a dying person to clean each night.
Neutral EvilTrick the Town into lynching your target.
Town ProtectiveHeal one person each night, preventing them from dying.
Neutral KillingDouse someone in gasoline or ignite all doused targets.
Neutral KillingKill someone each night.
Town SupportDistract someone each night.
Town SupportGain 3 votes when you reveal yourself as Mayor.
Mafia SupportChoose one person each night to blackmail.
Neutral BenignRemember who you were by selecting a graveyard role.

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