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Pathway, enzymes, and control

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Starting metabolite
Enzyme fructokinase or...
Product of Glucose, ATP reaction
Control of enzyme in 2inhibitory feedback
Next enzyme
Product of 5.
Next enzyme
Upreg control of enzyme in 7(ATP OR ADP)
What TCA int downreg control of enzyme 7?
Upreg control of enzyme in 7 Related to product of enzyme 7,
Downreg control of enzyme in 7(ATP or ADP)
Downreg control of enzyme in 7(Acidic or less acidic conditions?)
Reciprocal enzyme of 7 in gluconeogensis
Product of enzyme 7
Next enzyme
Product of enzyme in 15Form that needs to be converted
Other product of e15
Enzyme converting G3P to next int
Product of enzyme in 18
Cofactor reduced in reaction of e18
Other reactantant needed
Next enzyme
Next product
What is produced from the last reaction?
What type of reaction is this?Substrate level, oxidative
Next enzyme
Next product
Next enzyme
Next product
Other product of reaction
Next enzyme
Next product
Other product of reaction
Regulation of enzyme in 31Upregulated by ATP or ADP?
Regulation of e31Upregulate by phosphorylated or dephosphoylated form?
Regulation of e31Feedforward
Regulation of e31Amino acid, indicator of metabolism, inhibitor

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