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Selected President of Greek Council after the Tri-Lambs win Homecoming Carnival
Dons Darth Vader costume, wins the heart of Miss Betty Childs
Winner of the Belching Contest
Quarterback, lead Alpha Beta
Location of Betty's tryst with 'Darth Vader'
Vehicle used by Takashi in beer drinking race
Youngest Tri-Lamb
Sorority that parties with Lambda Lambda Lambda
The fictional college that serves as setting for film
Specific name for the illegal party drug used during party scene
Lambda Lambda Lambda official who oversees the nerds
Lambda Lambda Lambda's most accomplished violinist
Nickname of Alpha Beta Frederick Palowakski
Lamar wins this event during Homecoming Carnival
While traveling to college, 'A.R.V.' is short for...
School nickname/mascot
Judy's musical instrument of choice
This song is played in an attempt to cater to the perceived musical tastes of Lambda Lambda Lambda officials
Scientist featured on poster in Tri-Lamb House
After wrecking the Tri-Lamb house, the Alpha Betas are told to move here

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