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Sound / DescriptionAnimal
No Sound; Cuts wood.
Ooh-ooh-ah-ah; Climbs trees.
Ribbet; Hops on lilypads.
Oink; Have large tusks.
*Unexplainable sound*; Largest animal.
No Sound; Has a pouch.
No Sound; Black and white.
No Sound; Fly at night, echo-location.
Grrrr; Kodiac, Polar, Brown, etc.
No Sound; Bird that can't fly.
No Sound; Long tusks.
Woof/Bark/Howl; Full moon.
Trumpets; Large trunk.
No Sound; Males have antlers, babies females are fawns.
E-e-e-e-e-e; Bottle nose.
Roar; Orange Fur.
Snort; Huge antlers.
Or-or; Beach ball on nose.
Sound / DescriptionAnimal
No Sound; Like carrots.
No Sound; Black and white, bamboo leaves.
No Sound; Long neck.
No Sound; Long horn.
No Sound; Deer with long, pointy horns.
No Sound; Sleeps 90% of the day, moves slow
Hisssss; Slithers around.
No Sound; Eats ants, long nose.
No Sound; Indians hunted them for fur.
No Sound; Pinchers or claws.
Tweet/Chirp; Flies.
Baaah; Can be milked.
Squeak; Caught by cats.
No Sound; Tentacles.
No Sound; Jaws.
*Teeth Chatter*; Mammal that lays eggs.
No Sound; Small furry bear
Rawr; Fastest animal.

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