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Sly Cooper
Obscure the vision of your enemies for a hasty getaway. 
Sidestep enemies in combat. 
Confuse your enemies with this distracting gadget. 
Fly through the air with this quick-deploy gadget. 
Slow time to a crawl. 
Roll through the level... 
Finish off juggled enemies without attracting attention. 
Jump over vast distances. 
Jump to impressive heights. 
Let this gadget do his thing and grab the guards' attention.. allowing you to slip on by unnoticed. 
Live the fast life while you speed up the clock. 
Leap at enemies, leaving them stunned on the ground. 
Confuse your enemies into attacking each other with a tap from your cane. 
Electrify your cane... shocking! 
Throw things further with Sly and Bentley. 
Confuse all the enemies in the area into attacking each other. 
Attract enemies, then watch them nod off. 
Spin to create an intense electric field... ouch! 
Move without being seen. 
Run like a turtle has never run before. 
Capture guards and extract medicine from them. 
Throwable bomb with a remote detonation. 
Freeze time around the guards... temporarily at least... 
Put enemies in the area asleep. 
Shrink enemies in the area. 
Extend your jumps by hovering in the air. 
Shrink guards by whacking them with your crossbow. 
Turn ordinary punches into fiery ones. 
Jump to heroic heights. 
You can jump while carrying somebody. 
Thrown objects explode on impact. 
Use while jumping to create a wall of flame on impact. 
Scatter enemies with this powerful run. 
Terrify your foes. 
Use while carrying an enemy to create a deadly firestorm. 

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